Dalmatia is a region on the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea, situated in Croatia. Only 50 km wide at its widest part, it is mostly a coastal region characterized by its coves, secluded beaches, islands and inlets. Due to the rugged coastline and numerous islands of all sizes and topographies, diving, yachting, kayaking and other outdoor activities are very popular in this part of Croatia. Dalmatian coast is known for its warm sea, constant winds and beautiful wooded islands.


Red Lake | Imotski

Located in the beautiful Imotski region, Red Lake is a natural phenomenon. Crveno Jezero, as it is called in Croatian, is so extraordinary as it is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. It is also the third largest sinkhole in the world. The lake is carved into deep red mountain craters which embrace the stunning navy waters. Depths are measured at over 500 meters.

Biokovo moutain

Take a panoramic drive and discover the diverse nature of the nature park Biokovo with its highest peak St. Jure, 1762 m tall. Seemingly barren, Biokovo is rich in animals and plants. The view over seaside resorts and islands, olive fields and barren land are but a few photo opportunities. A light walk to suit everyone’s abilities is available along with an expert guide. This half-day trip will reveal to you a whole new world filled with Mediterranean beauty, rich history and ongoing tradition.

Omis and Cetina river

Without any doubt, the river Cetina is one of the nicest places in Croatia where you can experience the magic of a rafting adventure. It is situated in a luscious region surrounded by quaint little villages. In the town of Omis the river Cetina meets the Sea, and that truly looks spectacular.

Neretva river

Have you ever been to some other world? If you still haven’t, then this is your chance! Get on the old wooden boats and sail across the remarkable landscape of the Neretva River valley. The Neretva Delta is a completely undisturbed and protected landscape consisting of numerous marshes, lagoons and lakes which are a natural habitat of different birds, fish and other animal species. Travelling through this pearl of nature in small local rafts is an unforgettable experience for everyone. The trip also includes lunch served on a very attractive location on the river bank. We recommend you to try their local specialty, roast eel. A visit to Narona – the ruins of the ancient Roman city on the eastern part of the Adriatic coast and the Narona Archaeological Museum is also a part of this exceptional journey. If you love genuine and undisturbed nature full of remarkable landscapes, this is undoubtedly a perfect trip for you!


Mostar is the city of poetry, city of stone full of narrow, sleepy, crooked streets. It truly is an extraordinary city because of its architecture and monuments which have been harmonically placed and fitted into the area throughout centuries. It has a great geographical position and good climate. In Mostar you can visit Old Bazaar, Turkish dwellings (Ottoman Residences) and numerous old mosques. We recommend that you experience and enjoy the city on your own, by walking through interesting streets full of famous craft shops. You should also taste traditional dishes in local restaurants and snack bars.


Međugorje is a unique phenomenon in today’s world. It is believed that Our Lady, the Oueen of Peace, appeared to the group of children in 1981. Thanks to these apparitions, this small village has become one of the most visited pilgrimage places and one of the biggest prayer and reconciliation centres in the whole world. There are numerous testimonies of people saying that they have found their faith and peace right here in Međugorje.

The Island of Hvar

The island of Hvar, known as the King among Dalmatian islands, has been famous for its important strategic and nautical position, for its rich history and inheritance, cultural and natural monuments and its literature ever since Antique. Due to its mild climate, gentle winters and warm summers, Hvar has welcomed numerous guests who came there attracted by its splendid Mediterranean nature, rich tradition and exciting nightlife. Today Hvar is considered to be one of ten most beautiful islands in the world.

The Island of Brac

The island of Brač is the largest of the Dalmatian islands and the third biggest in the Adriatic. The channel of Brač is what keeps it away from the mainland and to the north, the gate of Split is what keeps it away from the island of Šolta. To the south-west is the island of Hvar and the channel of Hvar. The highest point of the island of Brač is Vidova Gora, 778 m tall, which is also the highest peak among the islands in the Adriatic. The most popular place to visit on the island of Brač is Bol with its famous beach Zlatni Rat.


Make sure to begin your brief visit to Dubrovnik with a promenade in Stradun or Placa, the main street, while getting the first impressions of one of the Mediterraneans most beautiful cities. The astonishing city of stone is surrounded with almost 2 kilometres long stone walls. A tour of the world’s second most frequented open-air museum will definitely take your breath away.

The fantastic views will inspire you to take some photos, and the sights that you will capture will continue to amaze you over and over again. Visit the museums of Dubrovnik and find out where the rector of the glorious Dubrovnik Republic used to live, where grain was stored, which sailing ships formed parts of the powerful Dubrovnik Republic fleet travelling around the world, making Dubrovnik famous.

Taste some of the delicious Mediterranean specialities at the taverns and restaurants of the Old City and complete the treat with a cup of coffee in Stradun.

Buy some of the typical Dubrovnik souvenirs (delicacies, traditional filigree jewellery, a bronze statuette of St Blaise, Konavle embroidery…) to always remind you of the day when you began to discover Dubrovnik and inevitably fell in love with it forever, wishing to come back.


The second largest city in Croatia, Split is a city with a live Dalmatian spirit that combines tradition and urban life. His sociable residents especially in summer rarely stay at home, almost always looking for companionship and entertainment. The city that never sleeps always offers something for everyone, depending on preferences. For those who want to spend their quieter nights in the heart of the city in a pleasant atmosphere with soft music and a drink, there are a lot of coffee shops and restaurants that offer this kind of entertainment. If you are interested in cultural events you should not miss the evenings of Split Summer and theater performances.