Makarska Riviera

Spanning across 60 kilometers of coastline along the glorious Adriatic Sea, located in the heart of Dalmatia, is the spectacular region of Makarska Riviera. As the pine forested mountains of Biokovo embrace the idyllic cities and villages below, the abundant offerings of this sunny and hospitable region awaken every summer, as numerous tourists come to experience the excitement of the lively seaside of Makarska Riviera.

The main city of Makarska has a population of just over 15,000. However, this figure nearly doubles in the hot summer months. This romantic Mediterranean municipality boasts numerous delectable bistros and restaurants, quaint cafes and lively beach bars and discos. As the city is divided by a horseshoe shaped bay, with miles of pebble stoned beaches to one side and the enchanting promenade and old city to the other side, the abundant offerings of activities and attractions for such a small city are surprising to most visitors. Along the Makarska harbor lies the main boardwalk and city centre. The charming Mediterranean architecture includes elevated old stone houses and buildings whose windows are so close they nearly touch each other. Windowpanes of green shutters with laundry hanging out to dry in the warm Dalmatian sun, and small balconies decorated with dancing bougainvillea plants dot the façade of these ancient stone structures, adding to the pleasant appeal of the city. The Franciscan Monastery, built in 1614, and the main square, built upon the Church of St. Marko, in 1766 are a few of the cultural monuments that Makarska is home to.

The neighboring villages of Tucepi, Podgora, Drasnice, Igrane and Drvenik, to the south are dreamy sanctuaries for the sun worshiper looking for a retreat away from the eventful city of Makarska. The calm waters of the Adriatic Sea paired with clean pebble stoned beaches along dense forested boardwalks are truly captivating. The scrumptious restaurants where are offered delicacies including fresh fish with homemade olive oil or grilled meat platters and homegrown potatoes and vegetables, are the perfect indulgence after a long lazy day at the beach.

In the North of Makarska are more populated towns of Brela and Baska Voda. Brela has become prominent for its upscale accommodations, secluded beaches and untouched natural vegetation. This tourist destination welcomes visitors who are searching for a vacation where they can enjoy peace and serenity, including gorgeous vistas of rich vegetation, turquoise waters, and glorious sunsets. The bordering town of Baska Voda is just as alluring with its Dalmatian rural architecture and hospitable locals.

The well preserved natural environment and ideal geographical setting make Makarska Riviera one of the most beautiful regions of Croatia. Although the main reason for visiting this area are the spectacular beaches, the delicious gastronomic specialties, the vivacious festivities and nightlife, the numerous water sports and activities are just as enticing. Day trips to the nearest islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis and Korcula are offered daily during the summer months. Hiking or bicycling on the enormous mountain of Biokovo while taking in the panoramic views of cascading mountainous terrain unveiling the red roofed houses of Makarska Riviera below will take your breath away. Road trips to the nearest cities Imotski and Omis are also worth the drive. In Imotski the Red and Blue Lakes are an attraction not to be missed. The depth of the Red Lake is not acknowledged but is assumed to be the deepest lake in Europe. The historical city of Omis hosts many local concerts and festivals, most famous being for the Pirates Festival and Klapa Music festival during the summer months. While visiting Omis enjoy rafting excursions on the wild River of Cetina, it will certainly be an unforgettable experience.


Hiking, walking and cycling on Mt Biokovo

Mt Biokovo is the highest coastal mountain on the Croatian Adriatic Sea. The Nature Park is an area of great natural, scientific, cultural, educational, tourist and recreational value which is worth visiting and sightseeing.

Rock climbing

The nearest of all activities, Drasnice has a new rock climbing area for active holidays which consists of 22 different climbs with various difficuilties.


It is a whole new experience and an adventure you will never forget. First and only zipline in Croatia located about 35 kilometres from us. It is a 4 hour journey and you will enjoy the natural beauty of Omis area.


We are close to two rivers famous for rafting – Neretva and Cetina, both great for an unforgettable rafting experience.

Other activities include:

  • Sailing on the open sea
  • Diving (diving club in Makarska)
  • Water sports on the famous beaches in Makarska, Tucepi and Podgora
  • Paragliding
  • Speleology and exploring the caves of Mt Biokovo